This ed is actually pretty interesting. The leading 6 cosmetic giants of the world voice their ideas/dreams for make-up's future. It's in french, so I translated for y'all.

"A nail polish like autobody paint, which would last for 15 days without a scratch"
Yves St. Laurent

"A cream that would detect the needs of the skin; water, nutrients, vitamins; and it would adjust one or more of its ingredients"

"Second skin patches, which in addition to providing colour, give the illusion of a curved lid, a plump lip, a plump cheek"

"A smart foundation that can illuminate the shawdow areas, rebalance the skin by water and even down to the temperature"

"Heat or light pens that would excite the assets to activate the task once on the skin"

"Cosmetics that have effective media to get the benefits never before seen on the skin"

Visions: Eniko Mihalik
Vogue Paris - October 2010
Photographed by: Mario Sorrenti
Styled by: Carine Roitfeld
Make-up by: Frédérique Verley, Lily Barbery-Coulon, Théodara Aspart

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